2010 Honeymoon Travels Part II: Hong Kong!

If you missed part I, read that first! Leading up to our 8th wedding anniversary on June 19, 2018,  I am posting a three part series highlighting our honeymoon travels in Asia. We had an amazing trip prepared just for us where we left the United States on June 21, 2010 and returned on July 4, 2010. Let’s pick back up in Hong Kong where umbrellas, rain jackets, and a whole lot of rain were constantly present for this portion of the trip.

When traveling to Southeast Asia from the United States, Hong Kong is a great point of entry in Asia. Over the course of the trip we were in Hong Kong three times – on the way to Thailand, on the way to Bali, and then returning to the United States – so it made sense to spend a few days on the ground to explore one of the world’s greatest cities.

Head on over to my Hong Kong page to read more about the second stop on our three part honeymoon in Asia!

Question: How do you make the most of a rainy vacation to ensure you still have a chance to explore?

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