Bentonville, Arkansas: State number 37…

This past week I traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas on a business trip. When I first learned that I would be traveling to Arkansas I immediately went in search of my state and country tracker. Everyone has one, right?  I have not been to Arkansas before so this was an opportunity to put a pin in the map on Northwest Arkansas, marking the 37th state that I have been to in the United States.

20181005_182607798_iOS (2)

I didn’t know much about Bentonville except that it is the home of the retailer Walmart. There is one direct flight a day from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) so in less than 3 hours you can find yourself in Northwest Arkansas.  Hello, Arkansas!

I had approximately 24 hours in Bentonville which was enough time to take care of the work portion of the trip and see a bit of Arkansas. Check out how I spent my time in Arkansas!

Question: Do you track how many states and countries you’ve been to? 

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