Whistler, Canada: Shredding like an Olympian

So far 2019 looks a lot like 2018 with a trip to Seaside, FL in January for a 2nd Annual Girls Trip and then a cousin reunion and ski practice at Wisp to prepare for a skication in February.  Be sure to check out my prior recaps before reading on if you haven’t read about the first time I visited Seaside and the very first time I skied.

Last year’s ski trip started as a conversation at a bar over the holidays and similarly this year’s ski trip started the same way, at the same bar, with the same group of friends. Our friend Jeremy had a work opportunity to be in Seattle for three weeks in the January/February time frame and before we knew it we booked a flight to Seattle and started researching ski resorts within in driving distance. After skiing in the Austrian Alps, what better place to follow it up than Whistler, Canada, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics?! Sign me up.


Here are reasons why I was excited for this trip:

Shredding with these two mountain sherpas


The food and wine scene in Whistler’s village was promising


I’ve been to several former Olympic host cities, mostly Summer Olympics, and was excited to add another to my list


The views are incredible…


Head on over to my Whistler page to read more about our skication!

Question: Where should I ski next?

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