Iceland: Reykjavík, The Golden Circle, and The Ring Road to Vik

Iceland is a popular destination at the moment and has been for a few years. Iceland has been that trip that has been half-planned for two years. I started talking about Iceland at the end of 2015 and even received a travel book and map of Iceland as a Christmas gift that year. We first thought about it in early 2016 yet we opted for sunny San Diego, the second time we thought about it was the Summer of 2017 but we went to Vancouver.

Third time’s a charm, right? Fast forward to Summer of 2018 when we were thinking about a Fall getaway and Iceland seemed right. There’s a direct flight from Washington, D.C., we could add on a stopover in Sweden, we could explore a city yet have plenty of time outdoors hiking and exploring historical landmarks. Plus, I haven’t been there before so it was an opportunity to check off my 37th country visited.

We spent four nights in Iceland, the first and last in Reykjavík, one night near the Golden Circle, and one night in Vik. Iceland is a total bucket list trip and here is why you should go too!

The Blue Lagoon is a relaxing and restorative experience

There are more rainbows than you can count…

…and enough waterfalls to keep you busy too

I broke down the trip into three parts so be sure to check out each post to see what we did in Reykjavík, the Golden Circle, and the Ring Road to Vik!

Question: Have you been to Iceland? What were your highlights?



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