Stockholm, Sweden: Sliding into my Top 5 Favorite Cities list!

I first visited Stockholm many years ago when a friend and I planned a post-college graduation European trip. We visited 15 countries in 42 days (more on that in a future blog post) but the very first place we landed was Sweden. We stayed with a Swedish college friend of mine and between the two local friends we had in Stockholm, they took care of all of the logistics and sightseeing details. The pictures that I dug up indicated we we had a blast but there was so much more to see! Over the years and many adventures later, I’ve always known that Sweden was a special place and had hoped to return for a reintroduction to Stockholm.

Iceland Air made it possible with their stopover service. We could have just gone to Iceland for a few days and then back to the United States but I like a good travel planning challenge so we booked a 2-part European adventure to Sweden and Iceland.


Why Stockholm? In my opinion a great vacation is a combination of the sights you will see, the food you will eat, the walk-ability factor, whether it is easy to get around, etc. Stockholm scores high on my list because it checks all of those boxes:

Champagne goes great with the views and (seafood) meatballs!

The skyline was striking and beautiful around the clock.

Stockholm is built on water so no matter where you are, you are always a short walk away from the water!


Good thing we walked a ton because I could get used to the Swedish fika ritual – the cardamom buns were delicious. Head on over to my Stockholm page to find out which one was my favorite!

Finding a hidden gem tourist attraction for that Instagram photo in Gamla Stan.


Walking along the Monteliusvagen and Skinnarviksberget scenic paths in Södermalm.

These are just the highlights so head on over to my Stockholm page to check out what we did and plan your own trip!

Question: What is your favorite city to visit or explore? Other international cities in my top 5 that I’ve written about: Barcelona, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Kyoto.





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