Japan Part II: Kyoto

I’m back to share Japan Part II! After posting Japan Part I earlier this year we booked a ski trip to Europe without ever having skied before. This required a crash course in skiing before the actual trip to Munich and Austria. I also spent a chilly weekend in Florida, which wasn’t ideal at the time but I guess that too prepared me for the ski trip conditions. So without further ado, Japan Part II: Kyoto!

As a recap, we spent one week in Japan back in November 2016. We spent 4 nights in Tokyo before ending the trip with 2 nights in Kyoto. Without a doubt this is one of my most memorable trips for many reasons and since posting Japan Part I: Tokyo several friends have also been or are in the planning stages so hopefully Japan Part II: Kyoto is useful. It certainly makes me want to plan a return trip!

Highlights from Kyoto:

Visiting temples along The Path of Philosophy.


Breakfast on the go. Cold brew coffee and a fried potato with garlic on a stick.


The red torii gates (and nailing the “Planksgiving” gym challenge) at the Fushimi inari taisha shrine.


Feeling like you stepped into a painting at every garden, shrine, temple, etc.


Working on my selfie while others self-reflect at a castle.

After dinner stroll through the Gion district.


And much more! These are just the highlights so head on over to my Kyoto page to check out what we did and to see a day by day itinerary to plan your own trip!

Question: We visited temples, a shrine, a garden, a forest, and a castle while in Kyoto. What did we miss?

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