Seaside, Florida: Girls Weekend!

1.12.2018 – 1.16.2018 || Seaside| Watercolor || Florida

My childhood BFF, who lives in Bermuda, is a new homeowner of a fabulous beach house in Seaside, FL. After college we started a tradition of reuniting with our high school friends over the Martin Luther King holiday. Some fun trips have been to San Francisco, Denver, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Bermuda. It has been a couple of years since we’ve met up mid-January so the new beach house was a good enough excuse as any to head south!

Wondering where Seaside is? Seaside is located on 30A between Panama City Beach and Destin in northwestern Florida. Seaside is a colorful beach side town where people slow down to enjoy the white sand beaches, perfect sunsets, specialty shops, wide open spaces and markets, and much more. Here, most people get around on foot, bike, or golf cart!

I describe Seaside and what we did in more detail in a separate post.

The only picture of the two of us is from the first day when it felt like 27 degrees and before I had a chance to shop for a hat.


We were joined by four of her friends from Bermuda, who luckily all appreciate champagne as much as I do!


We had a ton of fun exploring Seaside’s shopping and dining scene and spent some time relaxing at the salon and spa, but the one unique thing that we did while there was to hire a private chef as a thank you gift for our host.

One of the girls had the idea and found Chef Jekyll, and the rest came together rather seamlessly once we selected a theme.

We had a four-course Mexican themed meal and we provided the margaritas.


Each course was served by the Chef, starting with the appetizer.


I have never hired a private chef before but this was amazing for many reasons. Here are a few that we discussed:

  1. It was too cold to go back outside
  2. Most restaurants don’t take reservations
  3. The Chef did all of the prep
  4. The Chef served each course
  5. The Chef also cleaned up!

This is just one of the highlights so head on over to my Seaside page to read more about our girls trip!

Question: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? I would choose tacos because there are so many variations! 


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