Back to Bermuda!

A week ago marked my 18th visit to the island knows for its pink sand beaches, Bermuda shorts, rum swizzles, and more! If you haven’t checked out my previous post on Bermuda, my childhood BFF has lived in Bermuda since 2007 so I visit often!

I planned a four night trip around a relatively new Bermuda holiday called National Heroes Day since everyone was off on Monday, June 18th. Last Friday I took the direct flight from Washington, D.C. that lands around 1:30 pm. My friend picked me up and within minutes we were at Tucker’s Point Beach Club. We caught up over lunch and some rosé at Sul Mer and then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out!

The adult pool at Tucker’s has the best view whether you are lounging under and umbrella or reading from the infinity pool! I wish all Fridays were like this!

I stayed in the cutest poolside guest house that was stocked with all of the necessities – champagne, rosé, Pamplemousse LaCroix, water…

We revisited one of my favorite places to eat dinner, The Princess Beach Club, where you get to dine directly on the sand and listen to live music as the sun is setting.

Saturday morning we cheered on the SF Giants at my godson’s baseball game. Pretty sure they won even though everyone bats and nobody keeps score.

After baseball we headed into town for lunch at 1609 at the Hamilton Princess Hotel. The restaurant is located right on the marina so you get a bird’s eye view of the boats and super yachts in the harbor.


If you are in town and looking for lunch on the water, 1609 is a great spot for the views and to play around with portrait mode while cooling off with a frosé!


After having a ton of fun in Seaside, Florida with these ladies, I couldn’t wait to regroup with them in Bermuda. Unfortunately, it was at one of their going away parties at John Smith’s Bay Beach. The locals love it here because it is off the beaten path and mostly free of tourists (the more adventurous ones ride scooters or take the bus here).

We took the party into town and headed to The Dog House, a new bar that opened up in August 2017. Their tagline is “welcome to the Dog House…where we all end up in Bermuda anyway!” Pretty sure the DJ will stop taking requests after last Saturday.

We spent the entire next day back at Tucker’s Point Beach Club, bouncing between the beach and two pools. We arrived in time for lunch and stayed for a BBQ dinner, both at Sul Mer. Tucker’s is my favorite way to spend a day in Bermuda.


Last year when we visited Bermuda there wasn’t enough time to go boating since we were only there for 2 full days and wanted to check out the America’s Cup race. On National Heroes Day we rented a pontoon boat for the entire day so we had plenty of time to explore! Tip: invest in an insulated tumbler to keep your beverage of choice cold while boating, at the beach, etc.


We first headed out towards the HMS Vixen shipwreck near Daniel’s Head. It is a popular spot to feed the fish near the shipwreck. If you are lucky you will also spot a ton of sea turtles! Both of these are reasons why I prefer the pool! We dropped anchor in the waters near Mangrove Bay and spent the rest of the afternoon in this gorgeous location where you can swim up to little islands in the middle of the ocean!


After a super fun day of boating we caught one last sunset over the harbor this time while dining at Harbourfront Restaurant in town. This island really is Bermudaful.


See you again soon, Bermuda!

Planning a trip and want some recommendations on where to eat and what to do? Head on over to my Bermuda page to see some of my favorites!

Question: What’s the one place that you continue visiting over and over again?

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